Upcoming Art Show: Gods and Monsters

I broke my camera in Paris. My fiancé and I were distracted, trying to figure out how the city’s futuristic public toilets worked. I tried to hand the camera off, readying myself for an adventure in a public bathroom that speaks French and washes itself after every use, but we were both staring at the toilet instead of the camera, and the camera plummeted to the ground with a sickening CRACK. My beautiful Nikon 5100, the camera that took pictures of all the work that was too large for my scanner, it died in Paris.

I’m recounting this tale to explain why the documentation of my most current work is not up to par with other pieces I post to my blog. That’s right, I’m a poor artist, and it’s gonna take time to save up for another lovely digital camera for documentation. In the meantime, I am stuck with documenting work with less-than-satisfactory equipment. So, that’s my sort of explanation / apology.

So anyways, this October, I will be displaying work for an upcoming show in Minneapolis, MN entitled “Gods and Monsters” at The Jackson Flats Artspace. The opening is on Saturday, October 8 at 7 – 10 pm for those of you who are art lovers, live in the Twin Cities area, and want to stop by.

The theme of the show is work inspired by horror movies, so in response, I created three pieces. I’ve entitled the set “Architecture of Horror,” and I used as my inspiration iconic buildings from famous horror movies. I am interested in how architecture often plays an integral role in many horror movies and literature and is often treated much like an additional character rather than just a setting. So, I consider these paintings (one from The Shining, The Amityville Horror, and Psycho) more as portraits than as landscapes. And again, I’m kicking myself for breaking my documentation camera, cause I think these shots don’t do the pieces justice.

Inspired by “The Shining” 18″x24″

The Shining

Inspired by “The Amityville Horror” 18″x24″

The Amityville Horror

Inspired by “Psycho” 18″x24″



Continuing Thoughts During Vampire Month

So, vampire month is almost over, and I am currently working on compiling my observations into a larger project. However, there’s one small issue that has been bothering me as I continue to consume vampire-related media, and I feel like discussing it right now.

Silver: Does it or does it not kill vampires?


Now, I’m just going to go out and say my opinion on the matter: Nope. Traditionally, silver is used to kill werewolves. Sunlight and wooden stakes kill vampires. Crosses, holy water, and garlic repels them. (Of course, there’s also ye old decapitation to stop a vampire, but that’s pretty gross.)

The Old Standbys
Vampire Weapons

Let me clarify: When creating vampire movies and books, the creator can make up whatever rules they want. If you’re making a movie and you want your vampires to be allergic to kittens and candy, by all means, go ahead.

Vampires Beware!
Kittens and Candy

But, there’s just too many rules for monsters. In my own opinion, I prefer to simplify the problem. If I have a vampire slayer protagonist, I don’t want them squirming over whether to pick up the stake or the silver. I want hard rules.

Besides, Anne Rice agrees with me on the subject.

But, what does the reader personally think?